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We believe in positive competition as a force that brings out the very best in people, who want to be better than before rather than as compared to others.


[ 2 ]

We trust in competition as a driver of innovation and improvement in consumer welfare.


[ 3 ]

We recognize the importance of positive competition policy: based on hard facts, evidence and scientific methods of logical deduction and empirical verification.


[ 4 ]

We commit to ground our analyses in robust and tested economic models, using transparent and replicable methods.


[ 5 ]

We recognize the importance of a genuine positive dialogue between enforcers and private sector, academics and practitioners, lawyers and economists.


[ 6 ]

We prefer to see the “glass half-full” and have a positive attitude focusing on progress in markets, institutions, policy initiatives and Court judgments.


[ 7 ]

We build long term positive relationships with our clients and colleagues through trust, reliability and excellence.

[ 8 ]

We promote positive workplaces, based on respect, kindness and positive discipline, encouraging colleagues’ participation and showing them appreciation of their work.


[ 9 ]

We value leading by example and we choose our own positive role models.


[ 10 ]

We recognize that a healthy positive lifestyle induces creativity and higher quality work and ensures sustainable professional excellence.


[ 11 ]

We believe that private and professional lives should energize one another, allowing people to achieve more in both.


[ 12 ]

We support both men and women who want to have a challenging and meaningful career as well as a happy personal and family life.

9 rue Guimard

1040 Brussels - Belgium

Positive Competition

Economic Consulting

9 rue Guimard

1040 Brussels - Belgium

Positive Competition

Economic Consulting