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Privacy Notice

Whether you are a client, a potential client, an employee of a client or a potential client, a supplier or a business contact, we collect and process data for the purpose of administering our relationship with you and/or the company you work for.


You will see below a description of the data we collect and process, as well as the basis for this collection and processing.


Information we collect during your visit of Positive Competition’s website:

 You are not required to provide any information when you visit our website. Your data on website usage is obtained and aggregated through Google Analytics. The information that is collected may include your geographical location, browser type and version, operating system, referral source, length of visit, page views and website navigation paths, as well as information about the timing, frequency and pattern of your use. This data is collected to ensure that our website is useful to all visitors and to help us improve it.


Information we may collect during your relationship with Positive Competition:

 In addition, in order to provide services agreed with you or your company, respond to requests for services or information, we may collect and process the following personal data about you or your company:

  • Name
  • Contact information, including e-mail address and phone number
  • financial data, such as bank account, accounts receivable or payable balance information
  • Title
  • Workplace
  • Information in relation to job applications


In the course of our interaction with you, we may collect and process additional private information. To the extent that we must inform you about the processing of this information, you will then receive additional information about this.


Legitimate interest:

 We use your personal data only when necessary to enter or perform a contract with you or when necessary to comply with our legal or regulatory obligations. Our legitimate interest in processing your data is to provide economic advise to our clients; to secure prompt repayment of fees, costs, and debts; and to promote and market our services of economic analysis and advise.


Protecting the Confidentiality of your Personal Information



Your personal data will be treated as confidential information by those who are allowed to process the data, and will only be used for the purposes set above.



We will keep your personal data for as long as we maintain a relationship with and as long as there is a legitimate purpose for keeping your personal data.


Your rights:

Your rights are summarized below. Useful and detailed information about your rights can be found by contacting the Belgian Data Protection Authority or visiting its website: https://www.dataprotectionauthority.be/

Your main rights are the following:

  1. The right to be informed.
  2. The right of access.
  3. The right to rectification.
  4. The right to erasure.
  5. The right to restrict processing.
  6. The right to data portability.
  7. The right to object.
  8. Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling.


If you wish to extert your rights or just ask questions with respect to our collecting or processing of information, we invite you to contact us by email at privacy@positivecompetition.com

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Positive Competition

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9 rue Guimard

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Positive Competition

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